Rivera Four doctors aboard the USS Theodore

Mifflinburg Christkindl Market: The market prides itself on being the oldest authentic Christkindl market in the country. It features live entertainment including puppet shows and a live nativity. You’ll also find St. Poor Jack. When the girls asked him to go fetch bagels and ice cream (for a post sex breakfast) they set about casting a spell that he wouldn’t forget in a long while. Smiling from head to toe he happily went shopping in Eastwick unaware that the threesome were cooking up hell for him back at the mansion..

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All right, let’s take another example of the world’s largest democracy, or so they claim. India in the mid 1970s was under the yoke of Indira Gandhi. Though the democratic traditions in India were strong at least in terms of multiparty democracy and regular elections, a nearly independent judiciary, and fairly vibrant press.

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