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This seems to imply that the community was already doing what

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Canada Goose Parka But what does that accomplish? the comments they indicated were already heavily downvoted. This seems to imply that the community was already doing what they could to combat this behavior, and that the bulk of the community is on the same side as the mods. The downvote is the tool we have, as reddit users, to combat negative and abuse behavior.. Canada Goose Parka

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Fox is going to absolutely hammer him on past creepy behavior. Whether it warranted or not, there absolutely a lot of very accessible video clips with him appearing to perv on young women.I not sure if it warranted or canada goose victoria parka uk not, but optics matter, and the optics don look good for him on this. And yes, I say that perfectly aware that pussy grabber in chief will be running with sound bites of him perving on young women, but Trump has the blessing of a following that stopped clutching their pearls at pervy shit a long time ago.Only advice I could give is perhaps you should have been a bit better at containing the ottoman expansion.

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canadian goose jacket Few have ever doubted the validity of my very right to exist as I am as a woman. «Fuck Cis People» holds so little power, that the fact that these guys are getting riled up about it is almost laughable.It would be laughable if they were arguing in good faith, but they not; they trying to argue that it holds as much power as «Fuck Trans People» would (or «Fuck Any Marginalized Group of People»). It just doesn It holds no power because we in the majority and we are politically and socially dominant in a society that has yet to fully accept and validate trans people.It just like when some canada goose outlet white people idiotically argue that being called a «cracker» holds nearly as much weight as a black person being called an N word canadian goose jacket.